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Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

How to earn money online

earn money online how? The internet is taking over a huge part of our life, that the reason why most of the people are in search of ways to earn money online by means of online platforms to increase their financial wealth or inflows.
In the old times earning money was always hard and physical task with less need for analytical, technical or conceptual skills following the traditional offline fieldwork found in the real world.
But nowadays as the internet is getting the maximum part of our life, people are in search of a way to earn money online then it might be using earn money online applications or only websites that will help you to earn money online.

Here we will see what are the 5 most trending options out there to how to earn money online.

Top trending online earning start-ups
to earn money online

how earn money online in india
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  • Dropshipping

earn money online how
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It is a platform where you can sell merchandise to customers and without stocking in your inventory.

earn money online

How it works

showcase your product on social media apps & inform peoples from which when a customer places purchase order of products from you then you have to forward the order details to the suppliers to whom you pay the wholesale price with the customers address and contact details when order is received by the supplier then they ship the particular product directly on the customer’s address where the supplier details are exchanged with your business name and you earn the profit.

for that, all you need to do is that you have contact particular suppliers and manufacturers and tie-up with them and just market their product through social media websites as well as mouth publicity in your surrounding peoples.

Advantages :

  1. It is easy to get started.
  2. There is no need to maintain or monitor stock and organize warehouses.
  3. It allows you to start up in very low or even without any investment.
  4. An easy and convenient source of marketing and ordering.

Disadvantages :

  1. you can’t control anything except the product margins and cost.
  2. Very few margins are there for profit.
  3. Overcrowded markets make you play in pennies only.

  • YouTube vlogging

how earn money online
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Blogger’s meaning is a video blog creator.
In this type of video blogging a creator creates non-copyrighted video / visual contents using his or her own intellectual and informative skills to entertain, educate, aware inform the other people.
There is no any investment needed for opening a YouTube channel, what we have to do is just shoot a video of our creativity and post it on the YouTube where worldwide people visit and view your videos after certain time the people views and subscriber are increased you get the Google’s AdSense approval which brings ads on your YouTube videos and whenever a person clicks or views the ads you get paid from the ad agency via YouTube from which some amount it is kept by YouTube and remaining is paid to us.

Advantages :

  1. Blogging is fun to do the task.
  2. you are able to connect with the whole world and share your talent with them.
  3. More vlogging contents = more money.
  4. A great way to market yourself in front of the whole world without any marketing fees to pay.

Disadvantages :

  1. It is very time-consuming.
  2. Needs lots of preparation and rehearsals.
  3. People can criticize you.
  4. You need to be a consistent blogger.
  5. Reaching a thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time is sometimes a lot of challenging tasks.


  • Blogging & content writing


blogging for content writers is today’s most popular idea to implement as the world is going digital there are many blog website which hires a content writer but somehow if you are a very good content writer you can host your own website too.
All you need to do is just login with Google account it on blogger.com and just start publishing your contents on your own Google blogger Blog and if the content is on the heat you can apply your block site on the Google AdSense account so that after reviewing you can turn on ads on your blog and get paid.

Advantages :

  1. No need for coding for blogging.
  2. Free platforms are available like blogger.com, wordpress.com, etc.
  3. You can design your own blog site templates.
  4. You can easily get AdSense approval.
  5. CPC is High.

Disadvantages :

  1. Needs hai skills for SEO purposes.
  2. Content published should be with zero plagiarism.
  3. Lots of content need to be published.
  4. It consumes more time.

  • Freelancing

how earn money online in india without investment
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freelancing is a way of earning money by selling your services or work for others rather than being employed by a single company.
It is like working for different organizations on a contract basis taking work like assignments and finishing it in own time at your own place. Then it might be online work or offline.

Advantages :

  1. You can work when you want.
  2. You work whenever you want.
  3. You are your own Boss.
  4. You have more income potential.
  5. You can take advantage of more tax deductions.

Disadvantages :

  1. You have to deal with inconsistent cash flows.
  2. You are responsible for finding your own work.
  3. Your earnings stop with you.

  • Data entry services

earn money online by typing

data entry is a work of converting physical data into digital by specific software. As nowadays to cut down excessive time and work the organization higher data entry services to perform their task of data entry.
So here you can establish your own firm offering data entry services to the user organization out there.

Advantages :

  1. Large base of potential clients.
  2. Crowdsourcing options are available if finding local forms is difficult.
  3. Consistent assignments are available.

Disadvantages :

  1. Very low pay.
  2. Competition is high.
  3. Lots of scams.

Thank you for the reading guys please comment down which way works for you to earn some bucks online and if you like this article then please share this with your friends and family hope it will help them.

Thank you!

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